Friday, 18 November 2011

Island Girl in London Town

You never know where life will take you. I was actually supposed to go to Los Angeles last Tuesday with my classmates from my acting class but that unfortunately did not work out. So what did I do? I booked the closest, most convenient flight out to London Gatwick. This has probably been the boldest spontaneous move I've made in my life thus far and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Sometimes the things you don't plan, turn out the best. I'm so happy for the friends that I have, who I also consider my family. This was also my first time flying solo, and my first time finding my way through a big airport. I'm usually extremely coward but it wasn't so bad :) I have just one more day here and then I'll be headed back to Trinidad. Y.ou O.nly L.ive O.nce (YOLO). Make it count.

Beyonce - I Was Here

I just watched this and it literally brought tears to my eyes. It must be the greatest joy to live your dream.


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