Sunday, 25 November 2012

My first curlBOX

I first started following curlBOX on Instagram some months ago. At first I just thought it was a page that posts beautiful women with natural hair but I soon realized it was not. It was actually a pretty cool monthly subscription of $20 for a box filled with amazing sample and full size natural hair care products.

curlBOX was founded by CEO Myliek Teele and is a brilliant way to discover new products. curlBOX currently only services United States residents but I was able to get my hands on it through my trusty old skybox which is basically a US address which allows me to order stuff online and shipped to the skybox and then to me here in Trinidad.

I signed up for curlBOX in October and received my first box a few days ago. Let me be honest, the process of getting a box is a tad bit frustrating but so worth it. You can hit up YouTube for details on how to get a curlBOX. I absolutely love all the products in the box (tried them out this weekend) and I'm super excited for December box.

Here are a few photos and one of my wash day today.

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