Thursday, 15 March 2012


So on Saturday after hitting the Mac store for some much needed retail therapy, my friend Chantel managed to haul my ass into Wonderful World, which by the way I banned myself from for a few months (I'm addicted). WE managed to get our hands on the very rare BLACK Milani Liquif'eye Metalic Eyeliner. Well so I've heard. I also scooped up the aqua pencil.

I love eyeliner, so yeah...this was a treat for me.
 For my US ladies, don't be startled by the price tag as this is in Trinidad & Tobago currency. It usually retails between $4.00 -$7.00 USD.

I tried to do basic swatches of both but my lighting was too poor to show the true quality.

I am in love with this eyeliner as it stays put and is very vibrant. It's definitely a great buy.

Edited: I find it to be too soft and as a result the eyeliner crumbles when I sharpen it. I really love the pigmentation and can only hope that they change the formula and make it a bit more hard.
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