Saturday, 5 May 2012

L.A Girl Soulmate Luxury Creme' Lip Color Review and Swatches

Let me tell you how I fell in love with lipstick...
Meet my soulmate :) Well not my real soulmate but this lipstick comes in very close. It's a rich blue-toned red. It's very creamy and goes on opaque. It gives about 4 hours of wear.

This is the first red lipstick I dared to try and have been in love ever since. I even got so brave that I started trying more bold  colours.

I have a few other shades in this brand which I absolutely can't get enough of. I'll try my best to review them, even in the bad state that they're in :)

Also, I'll try to do a lip swatch but I really don't like how my lip looks when I do close-ups :(

The formula:

Its blend of moisturizing ingredients of aloe, shea butter & vitamin E enhances lips, leaving a smoother, healthier feel.

It retails at $4.00USD on the LA Girl website

You can also get it here in Trinidad at Wonderful World West Mall. They no longer stock it at the Gulf City Branch :( womp womp womp...

Natural light

With flash


I found a pic of me wearing it :D

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